Avatar Mocap's decision to build its studio and production services around Motion Analysis Corporation's motion capture technology was well-founded. Motion Analysis Corporation is the undisputed worldwide leader and provider of optical motion capture systems with over 650 systems installed worldwide.

Over 150 of the world's finest video games have been captured on Motion Analysis Corporation equipment. Filmmakers have pioneered the use of digital characters using Motion Analysis Corporation systems. Final Fantasy, an "all motion captured" feature film, was captured using a Motion Analysis system.

So far the most famous character our system has brought to life is Kermit the Frog. Motion Analysis Corp. in cooperation with Jim Henson Interactive (JHI), produced Kermit's live, real-time appearance at the opening of Siggraph 2000 in New Orleans.

Following that performance Motion Analysis installed "Kermit's Siggraph System" in our new studio facility...

Even now, nearly two years later, we occasionally detect what seems to be fragments of Kermit's DNA hiding on our hard drive.